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Receive a comprehensive audit for up to 3 of your social media accounts, complete with an insightful report designed to guide future implementation. Uncover valuable insights, optimize your strategy, and set the stage for impactful enhancements to your social media presence.


What's included:

  • Thorough Audit: A detailed examination of each social media account (up to 3 total), assessing current performance, engagement levels, and overall effectiveness.

  • Insightful Report: Receive a comprehensive report highlighting key findings, identifying strengths, and suggesting areas for improvement. This report serves as a roadmap for future implementation.

  • Optimization Strategies for Faceless Brand: Gain personalized recommendations to optimize your social media strategy for a faceless brand. Understand how to leverage strengths and address weaknesses for maximum impact.

  • Digital Product Offerings/ Suggestions: This audit will include a look at your current digital product offerings and/or suggestions on some that may fit your brand best. 


Elevate your social media game and ensure your online presence aligns with your goals. Our audit service is your key to informed decision-making and strategic improvement.


*Because of the nature of this service, once purchased, refunds are not available.


Social Media Audit

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